A timeline devoted to a brief history of the Necktie.

A timeline by Matt Higgins
The objective of this project was to learn research methodologies, collect data on the subject of my choosing, and to analyze and to represent the subject. The respresentation process fostered a discovery of relationships between form and meaning overall.
This particular project was an assignment for my Design 243 course at SCAD.
I had a hard time picking what I wanted the final project to be about. My brain was buzzing with ideas of subject matter for this timeline, so I came up with a list of roughly fourty subjects and eventually settled upon four ‘finalists’:
After presenting my choices to my peers, I still had a rough road of decision ahead of me in finding what subject I wanted to use for this particular project. I knew I wanted to stick to something I could utilize a clean retro ambiance with a typographic flair, but I was stuck between all these choices.
I really had an urge to follow through with a coffee timeline.
But, after many hours of coming up with this rough and trying to figure out how I was going to cunningly
incorporate coffee beans instead of wood into thedesign, I decided that taking the perky route was not the best
for this project... so I moved on to ties. My original concept for the neck tie timeline was to utilize photography
and typography together to create avisually stimulating design and an interesting competition all together. I
started off by taking a stock image of aman in a tie and incorporating HDR effects to make the image more
excining and dynamic for the composition,then added simple typography to give the title. My origianl plan was
to simply add the dates in on Adobe Illustrator and it would have been a quick and easy timeline with flair.
Instead I went out on a limb and minimalized the image...
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